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You've heard a lot about NIL opportunities. We are going to help you beyond your time at the university. We will help you gain a professional license you can use to generate passive income for the rest of your life. 


Benefits for now and the future

Student athletes can make money now by using their NIL to get referrals of homeowners and sharing the info with the local real estate team that will handle the transaction.


If student athletes want to turn their real estate license into more than a passive income source and transition to a career in real estate, that's easy too. We support athletes in any way they want to make money in real estate through their NIL. We will walk through this process and provide additional opportunities.


How it Works

Step 1

Sign up

Sign up for your FREE referral real estate license below. You will get a Utah Referral license that can be used in all 50 states. Reach out with any questions or concerns. >>

Step 2

Take Courses

Student Athletes will receive free access to Real Estate courses. You will sign up for the NIL Real Estate - Utah Real Estate Sales Agent Pre-Licensing course. Students are required to take 120 accredited hours in preparation to become licensed. Most people accomplish this within 3 months, depending on class and athletic scheduling. The record is 4 weeks to complete the courses.

Step 3

Take Exam

You will receive materials for test prep before taking the exam. You'll attend a testing center on your scheduled day/time. We pay for one attempt at the test. 

Step 4

Share Referrals

Once you are a licensed agent, you'll be able to use your NIL to generate referrals from family, friends, and others that are looking to buy or sell a home. You just need to share their info within the referral portal. The info will be securely shared with your local partnering agent that will take care of all the work for the clients. 

Step 5

Get Paid

After your referral closes on their home, you'll receive your commission as the licensed referral agent. On average, you can expect around $3,000 for a closed referral, which is deposited straight into your bank account!


Watch the video to learn more.

Ready to register?

Click the link and select the NIL Real Estate - Utah Real Estate Sales Agent Pre-Licensing course. You are getting a referral license from the state of Utah. It can be used in ALL 50 states.
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